Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have senior/summeritis...Not that I don't love your class Doc, but I just want to be done! With everything for just a little while, which sucks because I am taking summer classes too but with One semester left I am just READY! What does this have to do with Interpersonal Communication? Nothing I guess, but it is happening to all of my friends and we are all so tired and ready that we are just like zombies this week. moving from paper to paper, test to test and not getting much time in between to enjoy this time. I always hate this time of the year...and yet somehow I always get through, so I gotta quit my whining and just get this stuff done!

whew, that was a nice release of emotions. aowehaoen;sdkiaurj

Monday, May 4, 2009

nearly singing in the rain

I almost have my voice back!
This weekend was nuts though, between Swedestock, Mary's Recital, The Play, Self Defense, Papers our the butt, Gabe Moving, and Eryn's Birthday I cannot possibly imagine a better weekend. I loved it but man am I tired. I stayed up till three finishing my paper for today and still woke up at 8 to make sure it looked as good this morning as it did last night :). One down three to go and a presentation...whew. when this week is over I will be one happy toad. Hopefully I won't sound like a toad for much longer but you know what I mean. Well, I am gunna try to write more later, but this is going to be a crazy night. Another paper due tomorrow YAY!