Tuesday, March 10, 2009

life epiphany

I had an epiphany tonight while i was talking to Gabe on Yahoo! It went a little something like this:

oh oops Preface: My sister (19) is pregnant and My dad's Girlfriend is also pregnant...both of these things hit me like a brick.

megganperkins: it is weird...i think i just had an epiphany
GABEY!: tell me!
megganperkins: so, i am talking to loren right..?
GABEY!: yes?
megganperkins: she text me today about the overalls and a dress
GABEY!: yes?
GABEY!: nice shot
megganperkins: lol thanks
megganperkins: and she kept talking, and even sent me a picture of her "baby belly"
megganperkins: she is huge
megganperkins: and it almost upset me for a little bit
megganperkins: BUT
GABEY!: yeah
megganperkins: i mean, let's face it, my family is and never has been perfect, and as much as I wish that were not the case...it is
megganperkins: so, this is their life...her life...my dad's life.
megganperkins: Our life will be everything I have ever wanted and More.
megganperkins: So Loren can pop out ten kids and my dad can make a whole other family if he wants...
megganperkins: I am happy with MY life and where OUR life will be today, tomorrow, and always.
megganperkins: And, God put Loren and Otis in my life for a reason. And, I am thankful to have them...I got a lot of good sense from their mistakes
megganperkins: But also, I am happy for them...i hope that they each grow from their own experiences
GABEY!: i think these thoughts are absolutely great
GABEY!: my mom has 2 sayings she wants me to know
megganperkins: do tell
GABEY!: love those who add to your life, but also those who subtract from it, the former has shown you how to live, while the latter has shown you not to
GABEY!: what you're saying reminds me of that
megganperkins: what is the other one?
GABEY!: anyone can hold the helm while the sea is calm
megganperkins: And are you going to shoot?
megganperkins: lol, i guess that one doesn't apply much at this very instant.
megganperkins: but I like it too
GABEY!: good
GABEY!: I think your epiphany is excellent tho!
megganperkins: thank you, i feel a lot better about it all
GABEY!: im glad that you do
GABEY!: thats why i love the saying through difficulty lies opportunity
GABEY!: because even tho this situation was getting you down, you found a way to learn from it and become so much more confident in yourself
megganperkins: well, i guess, opportunity for me to grow...they have a lot more than opportunity commin to em
GABEY!: and thats an opportunity
megganperkins: thank you baby!
megganperkins: you do give the greatest advice
megganperkins: I really dont know why i ever let this bother me before
GABEY!: because its new
megganperkins: What I have is what I want, and What I am striving for is How I want my life to be...It is Mine...not theirs and if they judged my choice of lifestyle I would disagree prolly as much as I have been in the past with their choices
megganperkins: but they are Thiers to choose
GABEY!: nicely stated!

I feel so much better about this.

Monday, March 9, 2009

SOOO anywho

I have been thinking a lot about "How I maintain relationships". It was a topic you brought up a long time ago now, but a good one that I never wrote about.

So, obviously some relationships I maintain through face-to-face contact. Currently my school relationships are maintained in this fashion; however, when I am away from Bethany I use the phone. Just like with my friends and family back home I call often and text throughout the day, email is also productive when it comes to maintaining relationships through distance.

With friends, particularly the ones I keep in contact with back home, I call and text often, I email and send photos, and also we chat using Yahoo!messanger. I used to use Facebook and Myspace, but that was consuming a lot of time and was mostly used not even on the friends I keep in contact with (rather with random old acquaintances who pop up with random conversation starters).

With Gabe specifically, we maintain our relationship through telephone, face-to-face (when we can find the time), chatting, texting, emailing, playing games online together, voice and video calling on our laptops, and “snail-mail” (sending cards through the postal service). We are pretty much at any time working in one way or another on maintaining our relationship.

Since my family and I are not quite as close the main and really only way of maintaining our relationship is through sporadic phone calls and text messages. I guess every once in a while we send each other packages too. And, with Odie and me especially we email, chat and use the phone.

guess that's pretty much it

Monday, March 2, 2009


Obviously I did not do a proper job of communicating what I wanted to be said about my brother last blog. He is precocious and has a lot of good going for him...which is why my dad is so hard on him, but when I was growing up, I had a family...not just a parent. So our childhoods are much much different. Odie is SUPER SMART he is a junior and his calculus teacher at his school is getting her masters so that she can teach HIM college algebra next year because he is the first student that has come through his school and been that advanced. He is also athletically talented and can play nearly any sport. His football team won state this year and he has been on the varsity team since he transferred to that school his sophomore year. Prodigy is definitely what I meant, seeing as my sister never even graduated from high school and I have no athletic tendencies whatsoever. If it weren't for dance I would be a couch potatoe lol does potatoe have an e? that looks funny to me.

Just to clarify on that last post.