Monday, February 23, 2009


So, my dad calls me today, which is strange in itself because even though we have a good relationship we just don't make the time to call each other that often. So he calls right, and he says he wants my uninhibited, disrespectful, truthful response to some problem because I know both parties involved. So the story goes a little something like this:

My brother, Odie, is 17, a Junior in High School at a really conservative private school. Now, this school will kick you out for any infraction of the law...if they find out about it. SO hopefully they don't read their student's sibling's blogs. BUT Odie got a MIC last summer for refusing a breathalizer. This was the first time that my parents had heard anything about Odie and drinking...he is kind of our prodigy child...Well, he was the youngest when my parents got a divorce so I guess in some ways he kind of got screwed but also in some ways he got some advantages.
My parents are like the most dysfunctional people in the world, and they are even worse together. So when it comes to parenting, they kind of suck sometimes. Well, Mom says Odie is drinking again, and Dad thinks he is still supposed to take some sort of responsibility for what happens at mom's because she doesn't. However, it all means nothing when it comes from one person and isn't inforced by the one who is actually there.. crazies.
So dad wants my advice on how "the talk" should go. lol, My Dad asking ME how his talk with His Son should go? Is something wrong with that or is that just me? Well, I'm sure my bro likes it because I love him so I always stand up for him, even when I know he is in the wrong because Odie and I can have the same convo my dad would attempt and Odie would listen to me better because we have a better relationship. So, I give my dad the advice I have in my young, immature, know-nothinng-about-parenting brain and hope for the best. I guess I will find out from my brother how that talk went later...

Can you get a picture of my relationship map already?? everyone in my family is going to be a blob because they are all a mess! =o)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Raven

Once upon a midday cleary, while I wandered online bikini...
We cannot help agreeing that no living human being
Ever yet was blessed with seeing bird above her chamber door,
With such a name as "Nevermore."
But the raven, sitting lonely on that staircase spoke only,

That one word... "Nevermore."

Today a bird came into my dorm. It scared the crap out of everyone in Anna Marm.
I think it was trying to eat us! =o/

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Your Honor, I Object

I am having a hard time coming up with three blogs a week. I want to write thought-filled, charismatic posts, however, I have a hard time being so full of inquisitive thoughts and passion all the time...hah. SOOOO, I think I should just have to write twice a week for a longer amount of time in weeks. I do not want to write boring, meaningless rambles weekly. I will keep trying to make three times a week, just lettin ya know...ya know?

That being said. My thought for today is: I wish I lived in a Musical. lol I am watching Chicago on TV and I love it! I wish I could walk through my day and anytime a problem presents itself my friends and I would break into song and sing and dance our worries away. haha wouldn't that be awesome?!?! Maybe it is a silly thought, but I like it! That deals with Interpersonal Communication, beeecause I could talk to everyone in song. lol okay really it doesn't deal with it in any awesome way but today was one of those days I was speaking of earlier and I pushed it. SO, if you don't want to see posts like this one again, please let me write as often as I feel the blogger power.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Pre Valentine's Day.

Well, I figured this would be a good point to blog because I am doing nothing better, but a thought just came to me.
I am sure that this time tomorrow around the world the words "I love you" will have been used insanely more often that on a normal day. I think in one Valentine's card that I made I had the word LOVE on there four times. lol

While most other girls will be primping for their dates or moaning about their lack-there-of, I will be giving tours to prospective students without even a chance of seeing my significant other on this day of Love and Beauty. I suppose it isn't always that day...I have often heard it referred to as "Single's Awareness Day". I could definately see how it could be a downer day for some. However, even with the unpleasant thought that I will not get to be with Gabe tomorrow, I cannot help but to think of the people that I will be with and how much I love and appreciate them too. My roommate and podmates and dancers. Tomorrow night there is a basketball game and throughout the day I will be giving tours with my friend Eryn and showing mine and Nat's room so my point in this run-on sentence is that I will still see many people that I care dearly about and I cannot help to still love the day that makes me realize and appreciate all of the relationships I have! theend. =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Born to Blog?

I guess I didn't do too bad last time then, eh?

Well, today is a little different. I have some things on my mind regarding my interpersonal relationship, which is kind of silly seeing as almost everything is regarding some kind of relationship.

So, Gabe and I are on this kick (so to speak) that we do not want to be like those young immature couples who fall in and out of love every ten days. We want love to be something more. I mean, it is, but we want to feel it. This was his idea, just so he gets proper credit, but we have decided to only say the words, "I love you" when we truly mean it and feel it with every fiber in us. This means, we do not just say, "I love you" as we are hanging up the phone. Or just text, "I love you" throughout the day. Don't get me wrong, we aren't saying that couples who do that are not showing real love or that when it is said in those ways that it isn't meant. But we just want it to be like the special thing it is to us. I guess that is it. We want it to be special every time just like we are to each other all the time. So we say it...when the time is right...when the opposite of us really knows the other has thought about it recently and really truly is in love with the person that each of us are.

So far, I think I really like it. It has really made every time that I have heard those "three little words" very significant in my day. It always brightened my day before, but knowing that there is more than habit or space fillers in those words really makes them mean so much to me. It is kind of crazy that it was something that we said so frequently before that I almost feel silly for not always having treated it with the uniqueness that it deserves.

I guess that is it for my insightful thought for the day. heh. I'll try again in a few days.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chapter 1

I have no clue what the heck to write on here.

So, I mean I guess if I am writing on my interpersonal communication, I could go on for days. I talk with my boyfriend every day, my roommate, my podmates, my dancers, sometimes my family. What am I supposed to say about it?

Well, I guess this could be found interesting...My cell phone broke the other day =o( Deeply hampering my interpersonal communication abilities with anyone not at Bethany. i.e. Mom, Dad, Gabe... I guess it isn't too bad, I'll get another in the mail Tuesday or Wednesday. Also, we have other methods of communication. These days you can call a phone through your computer, or speak to someone through a mic on each computer. Email. Facebook. Myspace. MSN. There is like a million ways around it. I guess it is kind of funny that I am writing about my interpersonal communication which is currently based around a computer. hah. It is hard though sometimes...being away from eachother (Gabe and I), we get all these mixed signals of trying to read a text and understand the emotion behind it and how it was meant. That gets a little crazy sometimes. Actually, he just thought that I got mad because he said I sounded like I sound when I get mad. Sounds cooky, but I mean he knows what I sound like when I'm mad, but I wasn't.

This seems kind of silly, typing my thoughts out for others to read...Guess I'll try again tomorrow.